Hey…This is Chelsea…

April 3, 2008 at 6:21 am (Uncategorized)

Hi, everyone, I’m very glad to see all of you here. This is the first time I build a blog. There are many things which I’m still not so sure in doing blogs. So I appreciate very much if you have any comments for my blog.

I am the one who likes listening to music and watching movies. I think that these are all very common hobbies among people. Besides, I also like to sleep very much. Haha….Anyone has the same hobbies with me, please do come and visit my blog oh…

For this course- critical thinking skills in education, I’m sure that we will learn many thinking skills from every of our lessons which tahght by Assoc. Prof Dr Kamisah. And I think that to be creative and critical thinker are the main aims of this course. So… hopefully all of us can study hard and try our best to get high marks for this course this semester.

At last,wish you all enjoy visiting my blog.


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